For ten years now, AXENÉO7 has invited regional artists to present major exhibitions revealing the importance and excellence of their practice. This initiative – an exhibition followed by a publication – enables us to recognize the contributions of these artists in the development of the visual arts in our region and in the vitalization of our organization. In 1995, AXENÉO7 presented Andrée Préfontaine’s first professional solo exhibition. In 2010, we chose to highlight her most recent work, which, in our view, represents the culmination of a rich and complex artistic process. For more than 15 years, Andrée Préfontaine has produced a corpus of significant visual and media art work expressed in a wide-range of media, such as sound, video, installation and performance. For this publication, AXENÉO7 has partened with DAGAFO, publishers of media art-related publications. This new release Vibrations, Times and Rituals on the work of Andrée Préfontaine is part of a series of monographs dedicated to the field of contemporary media art. It is with much enthousiasm that we have collaborated with Marc Fournel, one of the founding members of DAGAFO, and the publication’s editor. We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to the authors François Chalifour, Deborah Margo, Marc Fournel and the artist herself. The acuteness of their observations and attestations is worth noting, and AXENÉO7 is obliged to recognize the skillful work they have accomplished. Lastly, we are indebted to Andrée Préfontaine for her inexhaustible commitment to AXENÉO7.

Stefan St-Laurent, Director
Jonathan Demers, Former Director

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