2014 | FAIRE SENS – EXPOSITION DES ÉTUDIANTS DE L’UQO : Sophie Beauchamp-garneau, Jacques Boissinot, Josianne Dubé, Dominic Fisk, Stéphanie Legault-gauthier, Gabrielle Paquette, Judith-anne Poitras, Jean-michel Quirion, Jérémie Roussel, Jeanie Sarault


Presented at AXENÉO7

80, Hanson Street, Gatineau

Opening on Wednesday, December 3 at 7PM

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12AM to 7PM

Free admission

This exhibition presents the works of 10 students from the École multidisciplinaire de l’image and proposes creative contemporary projects produced in the context of the class Projet d’artiste. Each artwork allows for the deepening of critical thought and encourages singular artistic approaches developed during the 2014 fall session. It is by the means of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, collage, video, installation, intervention and performance that the students address formal and expressive concerns. Faire sens demonstrates the students’ engagement in development of their artistic approach as well as the affirmation of their aesthetic preoccupations.

Presentation of projects by:

Sophie Beauchamp-Garneau
Jacques Boissinot
Josianne Dubé
Dominic Fisk
Stéphanie Legault-Gauthier
Gabrielle Paquette
Judith-Anne Poitras
Jean-Michel Quirion
Jérémie Roussel
Jeanie Sarault

Under the supervision of Marie-Hélène, Lecturer at the ÉMI.

Thanks to AXENÉO7, Daïmôn and the École multidisciplinaire de l’image (UQO).

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