2009 | PRIMARY MANIFESTOS: Jason Baerg


Jason Baerg starts off 2009 at a six week production artist in residency at AXENÉO7 in Gatineau, Quebec. The work created are informed and inspired by in depth research on contemporary practices in Drawing and Painting. The research and conversations have been engaged with the curators from such Canadian institutions as The National Gallery of Canada, The Museum of Civilization, Indian and Inuit Art Centre, The Art Gallery of Ontario as well as the Smithsonian in New York City. Expect to see these findings edited into new works from the growing evolution from the RYBW series. These works continue to challenge digital interventions in drawing and painting.

The RYBW Series In his most recent body of work, Jason Baerg has produced a series of oil paintings that reflect past, present and future iterations of our positioning in physical, physiological and virtual space.

The compositions were created as part of an online commission for Urban Shaman’s on-line initiative,www.stormspirits.ca for the Virtual Museum of Canada. This project concurrently draws inspiration from the themes from the Metroscope, an interactive documentary in development with APTN, the NFB and SUNTV.

RYBW: The Plain Truth Project, is inspired from an air plain window, granting an aerial view of the Great Plains of North America. Its message is initiated to encourage a perspective of engagement, reflection and empowered visioning. The gallery image compositions include the four colours of Red, Yellow, Black and White and are realized as paintings for a solo exhibition in Montréal in November, 2007 at Galerie Sandra Goldie and Urban Shaman Gallery in the Marvin Francis Memorial Media Gallery in the winter of 2008. Part of the work travelled back to the FOFA Gallery for a group show at the University of Concordia. The installation just returned to Toronto for a solo at the Paul Petro Special Projects space to open the Fall 2008 season.



For Jason Baerg, 2009 carves an exciting passage for success as he creates new works for exhibitions. As a Visual Artist, Baerg has presented at such institutions as the Walter Philips Gallery, the Canadian Indian and Inuit Art Centre in Ottawa/Gatineau, and Art Basil Miami. He has sat on numerous art juries, for such governing bodies as Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and the Canada Council of the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council. Jason continues to produce Art and has won numerous awards through such facilitators as the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

For more details including contact information, please visit www.jasonbaerg.com.

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