2009 | IN SITU – LIVE ARCHIVE: Annie Martin


Residency from May 20th to June 9th 2009
Listening walk May 27th, 6:30 pm

During her IN SITU residency, Annie Martin proposes an experiment in archiving the present. Using sound recordings and live audio networks, she proposes to create a space (literally and figuratively) for a consideration of local sound in real time. The resulting installation will present a unique visual, physical and aural experience for visitors, fluctuating over time and rewarding multiple visits. live archive attempts the impossible: to capture the present moment as it be comes the very recent past.

Martin’s work is characterized by her interest in sensory sensitivity and reading at the limits of signification. This manifests itself in her installations as a fascination with the latent ideas embedded in material, architecture and site, even at their most banal. Most recently, she has engaged with the site itself through the senses, exploring perceptual sensitivity and pleasure, the blending of the senses, and the formation of identity and locality through perception.

“I see my work as experimental and speculative; I am interested in discovering through making, in setting up novel situations and experiencing the results. The ideas within my work arise from (often fleeting) daily encounters that defy language, have no measurable value, but which seem profoundly important and I wish to extend through my art. My practice has manifested itself in a series of projects that test materials, technologies and contexts in conjunction with my presence and then the viewer’s. Often ephemeral, these projects are set in motion by my presence, movement, and relationship to place, but they become the viewer’s to create. I imagine I am using my own body and senses as instruments, colliding myself with the materiality of the site, and then sharing the experience.”

On May 27, Annie will give a presentation of her recent work, inviting participants to join her on a listening walk through the area around the Filature. She is also inviting anyone from the community who is interested to collaborate in the creation of live archive by making an audio recording for the installation. (Please contact the gallery for details.)


Annie Martin lives and work in Lethbridge, Alberta. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing at Concordia University and received her Masters of Fine Arts, Studio Art at Concordia University in 1994. Martin’s work as exhibited work across Canada, as well as in Bulgaria and the U.S.

We Thank our members, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts and le Service des arts, culture et lettres de la Ville de Gatineau for their support.

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