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MAY 23, 2018, AT 7PM

Through a residency exchange between Le lieu unique located in Nantes (France) and AXENÉO7 in Gatineau (Canada), organized by the CALQ, the French artist Hugues Loinard offers an amalgam of material and formal transgressions through completed or unfinished ornamental carvings, often altered and fragmented volumes or pieces of furniture diverted from their utilities. His in situ interventions and combinations are found scattered throughout the studio, momentarily transformed into a workshop, or rather a construction site. The AXENÉO7 residency, a place of life and work, drawn on the archetype of the white cube, becomes a space used and reworked in all its dimensions. The manufacturing process, always evolving, is exhibited for all to see. Indeed, residual elements punctuate an array of objects made from gypsum, interchanging all practical qualities with aesthetic ones. He is inspired by various landmarks to iterate and update forms from diversified objects gleaned from the streets and architectural details photographed here and there, from one country to another.


— Jean-Michel Quirion